Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Starring: Simon MacCorkindale and Melody Anderson.
Manimal lasted only 8 episodes from Septembet 1983 to December 1983 and it was rated number 15 out of 50 worst T.V shows of all time according to TV Guide but despite all that the showhas gained a cult following across the world.
The show follows the adventures of Jonathan Chase(Simon) who has the ability to transform into any animal he wants to.He fights all kinds of evil doers in each episode.He is assisted in hios quest by his friend TC(Michael Roberts) and cop Brooke Mackenzie(Melody).They are the only two people to know about Jonathan's ability.
As observed in the wikipedia article on the show that the show had primitive looking special effects by today's standards plus their were logical errors through out the show.Jonathan changes into different animals,mostly panther and hawk in each episode andduring the transformation process his clothes are shredded but when he transforms back to human form his clothes are intact!But despite all these short comings i loved the show as a kid(i first saw it during the early 90's).Its campy but its entertaining as well.

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